Dark and mysterious Winter warmers

Here is a selection of rich, full-bodied beers. These combine sweet and savory flavors, have pine or spice which make them work perfectly in the winter months but also are delicious enjoyed at any moment in the year!

Kaapse Klaas is our ode to the big man himself. It is a dark and delicious with gingerbread spices!

Kaapse Gozer is our creamy oatmeal stout with aromas of coffee and caramel.

Kaapse Marcus is our chocolatey, tropical stout named after Marcus Garvey, one of the pioneers of the American Civil Rights movement!

Kaapse Cronan is our dublin porter with roasted and toasted malt it's always in for a party!

Finally Kaapse Leen at 10.7% is our extravagant Barley Wine. Aged in Bourbon barrels, it has a full body with sweet notes of dried tropical fruits and nice refreshing hop aromas.

Dark and mysterious Winter warmers

Kaapse Gozer

Vanaf €3,85

Kaapse Klaas

Vanaf €3,85

Kaapse Cronan

Vanaf €2,85

Kaapse Marcus

Vanaf €2,70

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