Rich and rounded, smokey and seductive our Fall collection

Like to live on the smokey side of life? If you love nutty, caramel, roasted and smoked flavours you will love our Fall Collection. These beers have hues of amber and ruby. They are blessed with richer flavours balancing sweet and bitter. They feature more prominent malts; caramel, rye and nutty notes and  are perfect for intimate dinners, pumpkin carving and bonfires (or they can be enjoyed at any other time of year for that matter!)

Cape Carrie is our classic red IPA. Heavier and stronger than a regular IPA it has a balanced full body with both bitterness and notes of caramel. Kaapse Bea is our Black Rye IPA a beautiful and surprising beer with subtle coffee flavors as well as tropical and citrus fruit notes. Kaapse Jaapie is our incredibly popular Imperial red ale at 9.4% and a perfect blend of sweet and bitter. Kaapse Matador a typical autumn bok beer is deliciously nutty and smokey with overtones of caramel. Last but not least Cape Theresia is our smoked Helles lager, both light and smokey!





Rich and rounded, smokey and seductive our Fall collection

Kaapse Carrie

Vanaf €2,48

Kaapse Bea

Vanaf €2,75

Kaapse Theresia

Vanaf €2,35

Kaapse Matador

Vanaf €2,65

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